Touch Screen Desktop App

With Touch Screen Desktop App, users can customize their photos with Touch Screen Desktop App built-in editing features, including zoom, rotate, color, and brightness adjustment, or reset to put the photo back to its original format. Using the “preview ” feature, users can see how the photo will look as background wallpaper once the thermostat info is placed over the photo. Preview allows them to make sure their photo selections are acceptable before uploading them to the thermostat.

Daikin dealers may use this application to import their logo and contact information to the Touch Screen thermostat. Each time Touch Screen Desktop App opens it checks with the SF Thermostats website for any application updates and the latest thermostat firmware.

The Touch Screen Desktop App software has five main menu items that make programming the Touch Screen thermostat fast and easy, including:

Picture Gallery - easily find and upload photos. Editing tools allow for photo placement, color and brightness adjustments.

Service Information – allows the contractor to provide service contact information.

Automatic Updates to Touch Screen Software and Firmware - The Touch Screen Desktop App application automatically connects to the SF Thermostats web site and updates the Touch Screen Desktop App and thermostat firmware to the latest revisions at no charge. Touch Screen Desktop App then updates the firmware to the SD memory card to be uploaded to the thermostat. Updating the firmware ensures that the most current system software, including new features and performance enhancements, are available.

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